Biogas plant for poultry factories


 The biogas plant at the poultry factory will significantly reduce the part of energy costs in the prime cost of end products, and also provide enterprise with the energy without the use of external energy sources.


 Chicken manure is quite aggressive because of the high content of ammoniates. In its raw form, it has a sharp, distinct smell. At the same time, chicken manure is a highly effective organic fertilizer. To obtain such fertilizer, manure must be stored for about a year, which causes a negative reaction of surrounding communities.


 In the case of manure processing in a biogas plant, it can be applied as fertilizer at once, without long-term storage and composting it, that significantly reduces the environmental load. Also not processed manure may contain pathogenic flora. After processing in the biogas plant it disappears and active flora appears instead, that improves microbiological processes in the soil.


 Key features of chicken manure comparatively with other substrates are high content of protein, which is a source of nitrogen. Therefore, chicken manure in its pure form (mono-substrate) is processed under two stage technology. Biogas plant is equipped by an additional hydrolysis reactor. In the hydrolysis reactor, the special temperature conditions are provided, humidity rises, and PH level is controlled. Also if the technological cycle of biogas plant is designed as closed (liquid fraction after fermentation is used for dilution of fresh raw materials), biogas plant should be equipped by ammonia nitrogen removal system, as it inhibits the process (leads to damping).


 Construction of a plant for biogas production from chicken manure will allow the company to become energy-independent, to lower production prime cost and to decide the issue of environmental safety.

Биогазовая установка для птицефабрик